Does Arctix sell direct to the consumer?

No, at this time Arctix does not sell our product directly to the consumer. We wholesale our product directly to the retailers. Please contact your nearest retailer to purchase your Arctix goods.

Does Arctix make alterations?

We do not offer alterations for any of our products, as an alteration may jeopardize and/or hinder the product’s original design and performance.

How do I submit a refund request, exchange or warranty return to Arctix?

To initiate all returns and exchanges, please contact the original store you purchased your goods from to inquire about their individual return/exchange policy. If your product is damaged please visit our Warranty page here to find out what is covered under Arctix Limited Warranty Policy.

How does Arctix sizing run?

Please find our Sizing Chart here. However, please note that our sizing tends to run slightly on the more generous side.

When are sold out items coming back in stock?

If an Arctix product is sold out in store and online it will be back in stock this Fall when the new season begins.

How should I layer my Arctix gear?

We suggest wearing light layers under your Arctix product. Everything we sell is meant to keep you warm in cold climates so we do not suggest heavy sweatshirts/pants, jeans, etc. Light layers include long sleeve tee shirts, leggings, light weight thermal underwear, etc.